→ An artist is often in two minds. He should be aware of the influences of the outside world and still make sure he stays close to himself. He has to keep an open mind. After sorting out, adjusting, classifying various thoughts, then a plan or idea will emerge. My challenge will be to transform this idea into an object (sculpture or painting), taking into account the composition, which is of great importance to me. Lines are a leitmotiv in my work, they emphasize the lucidity of the design.

→ Dutch born Timo Kreeft was educated as a graphic designer in the Netherlands. Working as an art director for several years and having his own design studio he kept on painting as much as he could. In fact you could say Timo is multi talented. Besides being a not all too bad drummer, he gained his spurs as a graphic- web- as well as a product designer. So did he design an award winning watch at a design competition, for Mondaine. The watches are produced in a limited edition. Already a collector's item!

In applied art one always has to consider the customers wishes and Timo needed more freedom to explore his creativity. It became more and more a straight-jacket. So going for visual art was not just a choice it was an urge to do so. His first 'Sneak Preview', an exhibition in Amsterdam was a great success and encouraged him to go on in this direction. His talent for visual art does not come out of the blue; both his grandfather and his mother were visual artists. Blood will tell.

Timo is not the obsessive artist who goes to his studio in the morning and sees what happens. Some win some loose. If he is not satisfied with the result, he throws it out! It has to be perfect! The most creative part are his scribbles in a booklet he always carries with him. Like a writer making notes. He will carry on altering them, improving them until he thinks they are 'ripe' to transfer on canvas. It is clear, looking at his work, he doesn't betray his graphic background. His latest development is to make his paintings 3D resulting in sculptures, in corten steel and bronze.